Who is SticKy???

STICKY is a cover band based in “The Waterloo Region” in Ontario, Canada. Their high energy performance of alternative, pop rock songs from the 80’s, 90’s and today will get everyone on the dance floor!  Check them out at a local pub or book them for your next private function.


In the early 2000’s, J.Koop and his band ,Bionic Roommate, needed to fill a vacant bassist spot. John D. was called to fill the void to perform all their original music. John D. suggested incorporating some cover songs in order to appeal to a wider audience and secure more gigs. This was the birth of the the full on cover band “STICKY”. The new incarnation were very busy playing local bars, festivals and private functions. They played all over South Western Ontario, from Windsor to Ottawa.

But all this popularity and busy travel schedule took a toll on their personal lives. They lightened up their schedule and hired a full time therapist to help deal with emotional issues that local fame brings.  Nothing seemed to help and they decided the best option was to take a hiatus.

John D. went on to perform with London, Ontario legendary, classic rock cover band Wrif Wraf. J. Koop went on to write and perform with Waterloo based Fixing Broken. The other members all moved on to perform in other bands, or something, we don’t talk about them anymore.

J. Koop and John D. were reunited by their therapist in 2015. The therapist, who turned out to just be a bar tender, suggested that they get the band back together. At first they were reluctant but after a few too many drinks, agreed to put past behind them and get STICKY in a rehearsal room.

J. Koop and John. D contacted the rest of the band to meet up and feel the magic again. But it seemed like only magic would get a drummer and guitarist from the old STICKY back again. They had moved on with their lives. The love and passion for STICKY was gone after getting over the pain of the break-up.

STICKY went through months of auditions at the Garage in Kitchener to find the right fit for the band. The skill, the energy, the look and the passion that STICKY needed to be the best cover band in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and beyond!

Brent’s audition went so well that he was called back with-in 6 months to join the band. He brought youth and sex appeal that the band desperately needed , but more importantly, he plays guitar and sings back-up.

The trio went through 8 to 10 thousand local drummers to finally stumble upon the missing link, the driving force, the time keeper, Raphael. Raph, as we call him now, was the drummer that STICKY needed! After accepting a spot in the band, he spent months digging out his drum set from under a pile of kids toys, in a dark basement, on the far side of Waterloo.

The newly reformed STICKY performed at Chainsaw in Waterloo, Ontario February 18 2016 and haven’t looked back. Check out STICKY at their next scheduled gig and don’t forget to tip your therapist!

J. Koop – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion

John D. – Bass Guitar, Back-up Vocals

Brent – Guitar, Back-up Vocals

Raph (RIP), Shawn, Jeff, Dave, Kevin, etc – Drums

Sticky at The Duke Of Wellington August 12 2017 Music Rock Band The Duke